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"This was the safe & loving space I needed to unpack my trauma and transform it so I could grow from it and thrive. Her guidance has brought me in touch with my higher self."

-AF, 20s 

"Stephanie [Post] is amazing to work with and is always willing to meet me where I am. Her calming presence that allows me to dig deep into my concerns. She is always patient while I search for the words to describe my feelings or a situation. I feel that Stephanie hears what I am saying and has been an invaluable resource for me, especially as I navigate my career path, the next steps in my romantic relationship, and digesting my past."

-SS, 30s

"Stephanie [Post] was one of the few providers I found who used EMDR and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy; approaches that I read about and felt would be beneficial to me. The difference in how I feel today and how I felt before therapy is the difference between going through the day as a joyful, clear thinking adult and going through the day chased by memories and emotions.  Stephanie is a gifted healer."

-BV, 50s

"Stephanie [Post] helped me unpack and process past issues that I didn't even realize were affecting me. Moving forward, I feel more equipped to handle high-stress situations and have gotten better at preventing self-destructive behavior. Working with her has positively changed my relationship with myself and others. Plus, she is just a very nice and pleasant person to be around."

-AM, 20s

"I always felt safe and totally heard. And she was also always real with me when it was needed! Through talk therapy and EMDR, we were able to work through some childhood traumas I was still carrying. I cannot recommend working with Stephanie enough."

-MB, 30s

"Stephanie really knows what she is doing. I worked with her for 2+ years and she has always been understanding and empathetic...she is not afraid to challenge me when needed. She really is in this profession because she cares." 

-KP, 20s

"Stephanie is an empathetic listener and has been a huge asset in my personal development."

-CC, 20s

"I’ve always struggled with a lot of trauma and my coping method was never to deal with those issues until a huge life changing event happened and it all caught up to me. I started looking for therapists and came across Stephanie [Post]. Helpful and effective is an understatement. I worked with her for 2+ years and she has always been understanding and empathetic. She kept me accountable and guided me to unearth all my hidden trauma by being super supportive. I grew so much confidence and self-respect from my work with her and understood the importance of boundaries. I can safely say, if it wasn't for sessions with Stephanie, I wouldn’t be where I am today."

-KP, 20s

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