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Online Therapy

  • Has coping with the uncertainty of the state of the world been especially difficult for you?

  • Has the sheltering-in-place triggered thoughts, memories, and feelings you haven’t looked at or processed before?

  • Has the lack of predictability and control of the current COVID crisis triggered memories of similar challenges? 

  • Has it been difficult adapting your routine to fit a “new normal” around COVID?

  • Do you have waves of feeling ok but then despair about COVID?

  • Has sheltering with your partner brought up issues you need help sorting through? 

    Sheltering-in-place provides the opportunity for introspection and self-inquiry. With the help of a compassionate and understanding therapist, you can get help making space for both the challenges and opportunities to find meaning this global halt has created for you. 

Is Online Therapy effective?

Definitely! All the techniques used in in-person sessions are easily adapted to the online format. In many cases, clients prefer online therapy to in-person sessions because of the convenience, and the familiarity and control they have of being in their own environment. In fact, already having things around you that are soothing, pleasurable, and of your own choosing actually aids the therapeutic process and supports many of the somatic resourcing interventions we'll do together [exercises intended to ground and stabilize your nervous system].

Whether in person or online, in somatic and IFS therapy we:

  • Track your bodily sensations and how different "parts of self" present themselves in the moment and in different scenarios

  • Experiment with different bodily movements and gestures that support the needs of these self-parts

  • Bring awareness to changes in your breathing patterns

  • Notice postural changes and habitual movements

  • Engage in grounding and relaxation exercises (AKA "resourcing") 

  • Explore connections between what’s on your mind currently, what’s happened in the past, and what’s happening in your body now

With Online EMDR, we use the same bi-lateral stimulation techniques used in person, such as eye-movements and/or tapping, to facilitate resourcing and trauma processing. 

How does online therapy work?

Online therapy is conducted via secure, HIPAA-compliant video conference. You'll need to secure some privacy, where you'll be uninterrupted or heard. If you share a space with others, you may need to discuss with them creative ways they can entertain themselves in another room or wear headphones. Having a white-noise sound machine outside your door may also help.

If speaking your needs is something you struggle with, I'll support you in this as well. 

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